Hey everyone. It’s me, Tina. I’d just like to send a note to say thank you all for your support of the “It’s Still Personal Tour”. We finished our west coast run and many people were blessed, their lives were changed, and they walked away from the tour convinced that they could and would, in the words of my song, be “living that blessed life”.


We are grateful to have your support and the support of many others, but our overall ticket sales haven’t shown that we have the support that we need to continue this tour at this time. We are convinced that there are many more people who would love the opportunity to attend this praise filled, faith filled, entertaining, worship experience so we have decided to give ourselves time to reach all of those people and bring this amazing tour back in the spring of 2018.


Thank you for your patience while we process your full refund, as it may take up to 5 business days. We appreciate your support thus far and we hope that you will join us in the spring of 2018 for “The It’s Still Personal Experience”.


Yours truly,



Tina C and the Gee Tree Creative staff